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  • Advance payment of 1/2 of full amount must accompany order.
  • Printer reserves the right to reject any work considered unsuitable or sub-standard.
  • Printer will not accept order without a signed copyright release form from photographer.
  • Standard 10% overrun/underrun applies; minimum quantities may be increased or decreased accordingly.
  • Customer will furnish all photos, art work, logos, maps, licensing logos or other extras. Art work and maps not furnished by customer are extra charges and are not included in the base price. Ask for quotes on charges for extras.
  • Graphic arts design included in price.
  • Blue sky with clouds added to photo, $40.00 extra.
  • Color back no extra charge.
  • All prices quoted include multiple photos on front; title or headline on front; up to 50 words of text on back; banding – 50 cards per pack; 1,000 cards per box.
  • Standard postcard (4 x 6) mailable at postcard rate; all other sizes go for first-class letter rate.

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Avery Postcards
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